Our Team

Rafael Escamilla

Rafa is always there. Organizando and ollaborando. In the preparation and the service. Inside and outside the restaurant. Supervising and participating in each one of the activities at Meson Can Paco, wiether it is events, caterings or the daily service. And when he can, He also enjoys spending time with clients.
Rafael also donates his time and resources to help members of this community. Many who have counted on him can give testimony to this.


Unconditional Collaborator

Wife of Rafael Escamilla and unconditional collaborator. Sofia is also a multi-tasker. You will see her here and there always helping in the dining room, in the bar, even in the kitchen. You can always count on her. She is the better version of the Energizer Bunny.


Head Catering Chef

A great professional. Good leader and collaborator. In the service of open cooking, his image and treatment do not go without notice. 

When clients return to contract catering service, they always ask that we include David in the budget.



Cordial treatment and a good disposition. Jesus is an expert in big groups. The majority would be afraid when three tour buses stop and so many people get off but he is accustomed to it. He prepares everything with intelligence and he makes team work much easier.  And he does it every week. People always remember Jesus and ask for him. There must be a reason.

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