Don Francisco Escamilla García
Founder of Mesón Can Paco
Restaurants are like their owners

Mesón Can Paco is a family busines and the most recent establishment of the Escmilla family. My parents, their five children, wives, husbands and grandchildren form a large family. All of us were raised in the culture of work and the family businesses are taken care of and for the beneift of all of us.

Can Paco is almost 20 years old -it opened on March 26, 2004- but the commercial activities of the family have been going for over thirty years, through various restaurants in the port and town of Andrtax. All of this, without forgetting over fifty years of culinary education and the gastronomic experience of my father Francisco Escamilla Garcia.

For this reason, the greatest merit of Can Paco is not in having been built from the ground up and become an installation that can recieve 400 guests.Nor is it in the great effort and personal risk of the project that was taken by my father on behalf of the family. The principle merit is in the creation of an identity and the family seal..

Restaurants are like their owners. El meson Can Paco was created in the “taste” of its founder and, for that reason, he understood better than anyone what is means to adapt to the “taste” of the client. We all adhere to this principle and, apart from how things work out, each day we make an effort to obtain this objective. If you come ofen, we have proven this.

In the name of my family and of Mesón Can Paco, I wish to extend our respect, affection and permanent welcome.

Paco Escamilla
General Manager of Can Paco